Tips to Improve your SEO

Good SEO practices increase organic traffic to your website by improving your performance on search engine result pages, SERPs. And the closer you get to the top, the more people click on your links. But before we go on, what is SEO, why should you commercialize on it, and how can you improve it?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization are techniques you use to make sure your website is the most relevant to searchers. So, unless you have a well-known brand, you will need SEO to create awareness and attract users to your pages.

Why should you invest in SEO?

Good SEO goes a long way in advertising, building, and selling your brand. So, if you rely on customers noticing your website from the list of unpaid search results, you should invest in SEO.

Some reasons to invest in SEO include:

You attract more traffic to your business

The quality of organic traffic to your website improves, which translates to more leads turning into clients

SEO improves with a better user experience. So, investing in better SEO means you strike a balance between performance on search engines and giving your users content relevant to their queries

You advertise, build and grow your brand with more awareness and authority

Investing in search engine optimization is one way to earn a healthy return of investment since it is a cost-effective marketing strategy

The better you perform on search engines, the more competitive you become

How do you boost your position on SERPs?

Google uses a complex algorithm to analyze the content of websites, tags, and availability and uses the data to rank websites on result pages. But truthfully, not many people browse through the second result page because users know that the most relevant content comes first.

So, if you want your potential clients to see you, you should do something, which is why you need search engine optimization.

Here’s how you can improve ranks on result pages:

Employ relevant plugins- Using a third-party plugin as Yoast enables you to see what Google sees. So, if your keywords are all mixed up and do not follow the best placement, you see that and change them to what Google’s algorithm is looking for.

Tag your photos- Google considers images when indexing web pages. (Rank No.1) So, the higher the quality of your pictures, the better you are likely to perform. And the only way to make yourself visible to google is by including an optimized Alt tag on your images.

Do not Duplicate Content-if you are including descriptions on your products or talking about similar services in different areas; use unique content for each page to avoid penalties. (

Include compelling titles- the closer your title is to the searcher’s query, the higher you rank on result pages. Besides, you can use plugins to create an optimized meta tag that ensures your content gets indexed on Google. (

Choose a host wisely- the faster you respond, the higher you rank. Also, your site availability influences your performance on Google. So, go with a hosting partner who improves your performance, not derails it.

Final Thoughts

When you set up your website, you bank on people visiting and buying products from you; however, Google may never know of your existence without proper search engine optimization techniques. You can correct this using the tips listed above.